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Plug'n'play crypto
processing solutions built 

to be your advantage

for payment service providers

Fully customizable API, up and running 40 dev-hours.

Try the most seamless way to add cryptocurrency payments for all your clients:

Smarty Pay allows you to easily add Blockchain payment rails into your payment system and interfaces, keeping the legacy.

All major cryptocurrencies to accept: from BTC to Doge

Auto conversion and settlement into stablecoins

Payments via web3 wallets or QR codes

Blockchain commission optimization for lower costs

99.99% system uptime working autonomously

Fast, Secure and Private payments in various blockchain networks

What do your partners get with this integration

Crypto payments made simple.

Designed for Payment Providers

Smarty Pay blockchain module is created to significantly impact the functionality of PSP.

Individually commission

Set up your commission individually for every merchant: be flexible with your business and set your own rules.

Growing auditory

Access a growing auditory of cryptocurrency users: catch the wave of the increasing crypto market.

Lowest fees

Take advantage of powerful blockchain technologies with the lowest fees: the commission of our payment protocol is as low as 0.3%

Accept your first payment in 7 days with out-of-the-box API integration

Our software is made to let you kick start in no time.

Security is our top priority 

Top-level independent companies audited our smart contracts.

Non-custodial service: 
only you can access your funds


We always use cutting-edge technologies 
for crypto processing

Smart Contract operated: 
working autonomously directly from 
the blockchain


What makes our API well-designed

As software developers, designers, and product managers, we understand that the API development process should be as thoughtful as any user-centric product.

User guides and documentation

We made the API documentation clear, which made it easier to implement the API effectively. Because we understand how important it is and how it affects end users.

Helpful support

Our support is always here: will resolve your questions the same day.


— Rest API Docs

— Node JS SDK Git Hub

How much do we make from fees?

Almost ZERO.

Fees per transaction? 0.3%

Pay-as-you-go: 0.3% per successful transaction, no setup, support, or integration fees.

Let's get in touch!

Fill in the form and we will contact you back.

Don't wait for competitors to accept cryptocurrency payments

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