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The easiest way to get paid in cryptocurrency.

Generate and send invoices via mobile, tablet, and desktop, either from the no-code dashboard or the robust invoicing API.

Get all our solutions with a single and easy integration.

SMARTy Pay Button for Crypto

Invoicing platform built to get you paid faster with crypto.

REST API, NodeJS SDK, Integration

Intuitive API and SDK

Our clear documentation make it easy to automate your invoicing workflows, and easy to iterate as your business grows and changes.

What's included:

  • Invoicing Dashboard

  • Robust API

  • Hosted checkout page

  • Integrated On-Ramp

  • DEX token swaps (Uniswap/Sushi)

  • Gasless payments for customers

  • Custom reporting

  • Webhook notifications

Know your budget. No surprises.

Get a head start with integrated payments.
Leverage a robust payments system with clear, pay-as-you-go pricing.

per successful transaction,

no setup or integration fees


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