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Recharge payments

Accept crypto payments to your customer's internal balances.

Generate a unique address for every customer and allow them simply transfer any amount to get their accounts funded.

Ideal for online gaming, marketplaces, forex trading, and more.

Get all our solutions with a single and easy API integration.

Deposit with crypto

Accept payments without issuing an invoice

1. Create recharge address

Create a blockchain address via SMARTy Pay that allows your customers send funds to their account whenever they want to top up their balance.

2. Transfer tokens

Your customers can send any amount of supported tokens to a recharge address.

3. Get funded

SMARTy Pay detects transfers and notifies the merchant that funds the customer account.

Know your budget. No surprises.

Get a head start with integrated payments.
Leverage a robust payments system with clear, pay-as-you-go pricing.

per successful transaction,

no setup or integration fees


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