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What is Smarty Pay? How crypto payment protocol works

Updated: Apr 22

Smarty Pay is a blockchain development company. We built a crypto payment protocol specifically for payment service providers (PSPs), that enables crypto processing services for them.

PSPs, neobanks, web3 wallets, DeFi projects, or anyone else providing payments for any kind of merchants can integrate cryptocurrency payments into their systems and start earning with this new high-end technological solution.

Adding Smarty API to the payment gateway enables additional blockchain payment rails, keeping the legacy. Our goal is to make the integration seamless for both payment companies and their clients.

Another advantage of the API is that it is easy to integrate and our development team will make it as fast and easy as a few days from the onboarding to the first transaction.

Take a look at the documentation for developers to learn more about the integration process or get in touch with us to learn more about Smarty Pay technology.


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